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TCCIA organizes a number of activities for its members and also for those who are not members.

During the year several seminars/workshops and courses are taking place. It can be on different subjects but also for different target groups.

Advocacy and lobbying is taking place on various levels. The businessperson is welcome to the chamber to get advice and contacts on the spot or it is possible to forward questions via email. Lobbying is taking place on the topic of burning issues for businesspersons. Although, the business community is always welcome to give TCCIA the possibility to intensify or bring new issues on the agenda.

Business promotional events such as business delegations are very important for the international trade. Each year TCCIA as only host or as coordinator is organizing business delegations two various countries. TCCIA is also welcoming and hosting business delegations from other countries as well as co-operating with other institutions and organizations for these events. Currently we are organising the exhibition in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)