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The Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) was established 13 years ago, in 1988. It was initiated with the support of the Tanzanian Government to strengthen the private sector. The establishment of the TCCIA was an important step in moving on from a centralized, planned economy towards a more open, mixed economy giving full scope to privately owned enterprises and farms.

Today, TCCIA represents the private business sector throughout Tanzania.

TCCIA has opened regional offices in all 20 regions of mainland Tanzania and 48 district centers, which are autonomous in their operational activities. Assistance by Swedish governmental development agency SIDA has played a vital role in establishment of the regional and district Chambers especially in providing training, office equipment and mobilization/sensitization of the business community.

These autonomous TCCIA Chambers in 20 regions of the country links the private sector to the Government with a view toward promoting the development of private enterprise. By linking issues central to business, the Chamber serves an arena where dialogue with the government serves to promote sustained growth and development of the private sector.

All 20 Regional Chambers are non-profit, with nominal membership fees for its members.

 TCCIA is currently having slightly over 5000 members. The average membership in each region by November 1999 was 250.

 TCCIA is not only operating on its own, it has established a wide network of organizations and associations and thus the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs of Tanzania (FAWETA) has decided to affiliate. This is a positive development as the two organizations have complementing objectives. TCCIA takes the advantage of the network to achieve results with the device "alone you are weak, together we are strong".

Corporation among governmental and non-governmental organizations are crucial to promote development in the country. We strive to bring these organizations and the citizens together so that we can help improve the quality of life and society at large.

 Services provided by TCCIA to the business community include business information, training, advocacy, business supportive initiative (i.e. processing business license) and business promotion activities, for instance, trade fairs and missions.
 TCCIA has for example expertise in many areas of interest to local businesses for their development. It can then offer these skills and information in the form of Seminars, Workshops and Training in a number of fields. All these are related to the business activities of the member companies. Therefore the demands of the companies direct the work of the Chamber. Trade promotion is encouraged through participation and representation in national and international Trade Fairs and international delegations. This in the long run will give member companies the possibility to increase trade opportunities.

The Chamber of Commerce receives a great number of business inquiries from all over the world. They concern companies trying to find customers or suppliers and are published in newsletters, which are distributed to all full-paid member companies.

Contacts are of vital importance to business. To develop networks requires knowledge of the market and meeting places.

The TCCIA is there for you.

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